Investigating North American Monsoon Variability in the Southwestern USA using Instrumental and Tree-Ring Data

About Us

This research project involves faculty and student researchers from several programs at the University of Arizona in Tucson, and collaboration with the University of Arkansas Tree-Ring Laboratory. The multi-year project has been made possible through funding from the National Science Foundation Paleoclimate Program, grant number 0823090.

Principal Investigator

Connie Woodhouse, Associate Professor, School of Geography and Development

Co-Principal Investigators (listed alphabetically)
Christopher Castro, Assistant Professor, Atmospheric Sciences
Steve Leavitt, Professor and Associate Director, Laboratory of Tree-Ring Research
David Meko, Associate Research Professor, Laboratory of Tree-Ring Research
Ramzi Touchan, Associate Research Professor, Laboratory of Tree-Ring Research
Research Associates

Kiyomi Morino, Ph.D., UA Geography

Graduate Students
Carlos Carrillo, Ph.D. Student, Atmospheric Sciences

Daniel Griffin, Ph.D. Candidate, Geography and Global Change

David Stahle, Director, University of Arkansas Tree-Ring Laboratory
Former Project Participants

Alyssa Abbey, B.S. Student, Geosciences.

Russ Biggs, B.A. Student, Classics

Katie Brower, B.S. Student, Geosciences.

Brittany Ciancarelli, M.S. Student, UA Atmospheric Sciences

John Danloe, B.A. Student, Geography & History

Seth Davis, B.S. Student, Earth Systems Science

Holly Faulstich, M.A. Student, Geography
Amy Fehrenkamp, B.S. Student, Geosciences

Victoria Frazer, B.S. Student, Environmental Sciences.

Alena Kimbrough, B.S. Student, UA Geosciences

Ken LeRoy, B.S. Student, Geosciences.

Littin Shelley Littin, B.S. Student, Biology

Victor Major, Pinhead Institute Student Intern, Telluride High School

See Victor's Report. (1.3mb)

Alanna Riggs, B.A. Student, Spanish & B.S. Student, Rangeland Mgmt.

Tricia Rigli, B.A. Student, Anthropology

Alicia Stout, B.A. Student, Anthropology

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